Educational Program Development

Data Science Bachelor (BDAS) starting Fall 2017 – an innovative bachelor program where alongside the necessary mathematics and technical skills students are taught tools for thinking critically about privacy and ethics in relation to data processing and management. The program offers students opportunities to apply data science skills broadly and to pursue specialization at the master’s level on topics ranging from journalism to business intelligence to software development.

Big Data Specialization – Digital Information and Management (MSc) – The courses in the specialization offer students an opportunity to engage with technical challenges, organizational processes and societal concerns around big data. Most importantly students learn how to translate critical and theoretical tools they have gained throughout the program into practice and application.

Courses taught at the IT University of Copenhagen

Data Science in Research, Business & Society – 7.5 ECTS
Course Responsible, Bachelor level – Fall 2017, 2018
BSc in Data Science

Critical Big Data Management (CRBDM) – 15 ECTS (30 students)
Course Responsible, Masters level – Fall 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
MSc in Digital Information Management (DIM)

Network Society (BNWS) – 7.5 ECTS (41 students)
Co-Instructor with Luca Rossi, Bachelor level – Fall 2014, 2015, 2016
BSc in Digital Media & Design (DMD)

Software Engineering and Software Qualities (SSEQ) – 7.5 ECTS (59 students)
Co-Instructor with Yvonne Dittrich, Masters level – Fall 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
MSc in Software Development & Technology (SDT)

Digital Media and Communication (DMOK/DDMK) – 7.5 ECTS (144 students)
Course Responsible, Masters level – Fall 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014
MSc in Digital Design & Communication (DDK)

Qualitative Methods (MKVM) – 7.5 ECTS (11 students)
Course Responsible, Masters level – Spring 2014
MSc in Games

Digital Culture & Society (DDKF) – 15 ECTS (22 students)
Course Responsible, Masters level – Fall 2012, Spring 2013
MSc in Digital Design & Communication (DDK)

Digital Media & Culture (BDMK) – 7.5 ECTS (75 students)
Course Responsible with Sander Schwartz, Bachelor level – Spring 2012
BSc in Digital Media & Design (DMD)

Research Project & Academic Writing (BFAF) – 15 ECTS (56 students)
Co-Instructor with 12 other faculty, Bachelor level – Fall 2011
BSc in Digital Media & Design (DMD)

Mobile Communication: Technical Issues and Methods of Study (DMKO) – 7.5 ECTS
Co-Instructor with Richard Ling & Anders Cervera, Masters level – Spring 2010
MSc in Digital Design & Communication (DDK)

Ph.D. courses taught

Big Data & Ethics
Co-organized with Christopher Gad – Spring 2016

ANDROID PhD School on Disaster Resilience
Conducted as part of an EU funded project work package – Spring/Fall 2013 & 2014.
Online and Residential PhD course modules designed and organised together with Srinath Perera (Northumberland University(, Hans Jørgen Henriksen (GEUS), Alexandra Lima Revez (NUI Galway)

Applied Statistics for PhD students at ITU
Course Responsible with Fiona Mulvey & Emilie Mollenbach, PhD level – Spring 2010

Courses taught elsewhere

Applied Research Methods (05-816)
Co-instructor with Sara Kiesler & Darren Gergle, PhD level – Fall 2014

Organizational Communication (05-812)
Teaching Assistant for Robert Kraut, Bachelor level – Fall 2005
Carnegie Mellon University

Introductory Web-Design, Basic MS Office skills, E-Commerce
Instructor, Bachelor level – Summer 1997, Fall 1997, 1998, Spring 1998, 1999
Information Technology Program (ITP)
University of Southern California

Other Teaching Activities

Assistant Professor Programme (APP) on teaching competence – March 2012
Pedagogical competence assessment: Extraordinarily competent
Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

Teaching Instruction Workshops (TeachIT) co-organized and lead: Student presentations – with Annelise Agertoft & Pernille Bjørn – Fall 2011.
Advising a masters thesis – with Anker Helms Jørgensen – Fall 2010
IT University of Copenhagen

Quantitative Training

Inter- University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR)
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (2003)
General Structural Equations (LISEREL MODELS)
Longitudinal Panel Data Analysis
Simultaneous Equations
Missing Data