Prospective students

I am currently interested in work with students on projects that fit the following research topics:

  • Sociotechnical privacy & security, creepy technologies
  • Practical ethics in technology development & data science
  • ‘Pataphysics – artistic explorations of data practices
  • Interactions with data – what role do data play in daily life and can we change this? 

Here are some sample projects you might want to consider:

  • Practical ethics: evaluate and analyze existing ethical tools and games for tech developers. Identify what the use of these tools can achieve. Develop your own (maybe)
  • Rethinking privacy: use basic IoT implementations to create data experiences for people to help rethink our relationships to technology, data and privacy
  • Practical ethics in data science: what does it mean to make data “AI ready”? What ethical issues might come up? Evaluate existing data processes and prototype tools to support ethics in practice in data science
  • Creepy technologies: ever noticed just how creepy our everyday technologies tend to be? This project will explore why do some technologies creep us out and with what consequences. We will consider how might we design less creepy technologies and explore what creepiness means in a broader context of a digital society.

PhD positions

I currently have several PhD positions available or about to be available.

This fall I will be seeking to hire an internally, DIKU-funded PhD student to work on privacy and/or ethics in practice. I am looking for students with sufficient technical expertise and a background in qualitative and/or ethnographic research methods to work with engineers and data scientists investigating how abstract concepts such as privacy, justice, ethics and responsibility come to be translated into code. What definitions are used, how are decisions made and what compromises and assumptions are necessary to transform complex philosophical ideas into formalisations in code?

Next Spring I will be hiring for two PhD positions for project D-Code (read more here). These are funded by an EU Marie-Curie ITN grant and thus require that you can only apply to a project which is hosted in a country in which you did not reside or carry your main activity (such as work or study) for more than 12 months within the last 3 years. If you are not currently residing in Denmark but you are interested in being part of the project please contact me. I will be hiring in March-April of 2021.

Former students

I have had the privilege to work with some very inspiring students.

Nanna Gorm

Obaida Hanteer

Viktor Hargitai